Blogs I Like: March 2010

March 31, 2010

So you might remember a few weeks ago that I mentioned re-working my blogroll — well I have been struggling with what I want to do over on that page but I have finally sorted it out — at least in my mind.   I find that my blogroll has become too long, a bit un-interesting and simply overwhelming.   So, I am going to make it a regular monthly feature and round up a small collection of blogs that I am really into at the moment — which isn’t to say that I am not into those that are currently on the list — just that I need to focus and I am guessing you might appreciate that focus too. I am saving off all those that are listed and I promise that everyone will be back again in time, but only bit by bit and as I reconnect.  So before the month is out…here is my collection for March 2010.

slow love life

I miss House and Garden and I miss Dominque Browning but now we have her back in blog form and I am enjoying it immensely.

trust your style

Mary Jo’s  own words about her site explain my obsession — “When you trust your style, you’re trusting your heart.”  It’s  a celebration of fashion, art and design + all the people who trust their own style.

saving the season

Kevin writes about the art of ‘putting up’ – or, what you might call canning or preserving.  I am planning my garden seed purchasing with an eye towards what I can put up later this summer.

the beat that my heart skipped

Rohini and her team of editors are inspiring the heck out of me….this is one of those sites that I am sure everyone will be reading soon.


Home Grown is the Farm Aid blog and I enjoy it as a designer as well as in my other role of Farmers Market Manager.

travels with clara

Yolanda is a mom after my own heart.  She’s hip, she writes, and she travels the world dragging her daughter along with her.


Alexander always intrigues me with his insight on Landscape Architecture.

invisible bees

I love checking in with Alexa – her photos are beautiful and she is the best hometown (for me) Colorado garden blogger.

3 men went to mow

Silly. silly. British men…..but I like the whole set.

So now my only problem is to figure out how to make wordpress display them as I would like — it’s typical that my technology doesn’t quite do what I want it to do — at least not without a little arm twisting…so that blogroll page is still a mess, and it’s coming down soon (hopefully next week – so take one last look).  And as soon as I can figure it out, I will get it reorganized with my monthly collections of great blogs – my deadline is for this is this time next month when I will share April’s list.

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