Backyard Pizza Oven’s: A DIY Round-up

April 12, 2010

Summer is coming and the joys of outdoor cooking are fast approaching.  My husband and I have long dreamed of building a wood fired bread and pizza oven for our own landscape and while I know that other projects are going to take precedent this year….I am still planning in the back of my mind where the future oven will be built.

new hampshire outdoor bread oven

With that in mind, I have gathered a few links about bread making, and building your wood fired outdoor oven and some inspiring images of a few beautifully executed projects.
Belknap Landscapers in New Hampshire built this amazing wood fired pizza oven (above).  It is truly a stone masons work of art.

This has to be one of the most beautiful stone fireplaces that I have ever seen.  It was constructed by Champlain Valley Landscapes in Vermont.

Image from survivial digest

The full directions to build this attractive and simple adobe oven are available over at survival digest.  Another (perhaps even more visually descriptive) great link for making your own adobe style oven can be found at Leslie Land’s website. It shows a full pictorial description of how to make the base, the willow structure (that later gets burned out) and the clay top.

bread oven outdoor garden

image from la bella barga (a house with this pizza oven in the garden that you can rent in italy)

Le Panyol is a french company that sells kits to make the interior of your oven within a couple hours.  Then all you need to do is complete the base and the finish over the top.

Once you have your oven built (or if you are looking for further inspiration stop by Bread Hunter’s blog — it is everything about bread and earth/mud/stone and clay ovens from around the world.  Also, if you are inclined to travel to Maine (as if you need a good reason to make a trip to such a beautiful place)  you might want to check into the classes and resources found at The Stone Turtle in Lyman, Maine.  They teach weekend intensive course about all manner of cooking and bread making in wood fired ovens. And finally — for all your wood paddle accessories related to you oven…check out Lillsun – they have been making wooden paddles, peels, and proofing boards in Indiana since 1951.

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