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A Very Cool Rain Barrel

I am slammed (did I already mention that?) so this is the last post for today…..sorry…I wish I could sit here in the Air conditioned office but….the phone is ringing and I need to hit the road….

Anyway….quickly sharing this with you…

rain barrel planter

Do I need to sing it’s praises or are they obvious?….(rain barrel that isn’t ugly….comes with hose for watering….and you can plant the top…..AND…it’s available from Home Depot (of all places).)

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  1. We have been selling these rain barrels at Plant Paradise Country Gardens for three years. They are actually made right here in Ontario Canada.

  2. Liza says:

    They’re gorgeous.

  3. I have this rainbarrel. The image is misleading, as you would not want to plant anything in the upper part. It either wouldn’t drain, or you’d end up with soil in your rainbarrel. Putting a potted plant in the top might work. On the whole, it’s a very good rainbarrel.

  4. You actually can plant anything you want if you follow these instructions. As we do have this rain barrel set up as a demonstration at Plant Paradise Country Gardens, we recommend drilling three holes in bottom of where the planter section is located and then place landscape fabric in the container reservoir to stop the earth from getting into the barrel when it rains. If this is done you will not have the problem Mr. McGregor’s Daughter has experienced.

  5. This Rain Barrel is very popular as I have seen it a few times now. I’m very happy that rain barrels are a lot more decorative. Rain Chains can really enhance the look of rain barrels as well. The Rain Chain replaces the downspout and really adds a beautiful decorative touch to a rain barrels.
    Rain Barrels are great and I love mine. I use the water for all of my planters and plan on getting two more.

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