The Pallet Garden: Using Recycled Materials to Construct Garden Features

I am so inspired by Pallet Shed, the website of a Canadian shipping pallet enthusiast who has recycled pallets and built some nice structures for short money.  He has lots of ideas for using recycled materials – specifically shipping pallets – to construct all sorts of garden buildings.

My favorite on the site is this chicken shed built by Carley Karen from Granby, MA.
pallet chicken coop construction

There are kids treehouse forts, chicken coops, tractor sheds, dog houses, potting shed and more.  If you are looking for ideas to make cheap structures from recycled materials, this is a good place to start. You can checkout and gather ideas for building your own out buildings.

(on a side note….I really like those hinges…has anyone ever seen a place to purchase something like that? –you see, I’ve got this barn with doors that are falling off….)

Have you used pallets in your garden?  My compost pile is constructed from them, but I’ve never taken it any further.  This freestanding garden caught my eye – I think it would be great for a garden center or someone with a small space.

Need more inspiration for making things with pallets?

Here are some other posts that share a variety of ideas for using pallets.

20 Creative ways to Upcycle Pallets in your Garden

25 ways to use pallets in your garden

A full tutorial to make a Pallet Garden – and if that isn’t enough – here is another one.


images from Pallet Shed

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  1. Nancy says:

    Do you have step by step instruction on how to build this shed?

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