2010 Chelsea Flower Show Highlights: Details

June 2, 2010

Chelsea Flower show round-up – day 2 –  I am finding that perusing the details of the all the show gardens and displays at Chelsea is actually better online than in person….no jostling of crowds and the camera captures these small things so much better than the entire view of a garden. For judging the whole garden, I am afraid,…. you kind of have to be there.

Today’s post is all about the little things, nice touches and intricate details on display.

glass pergola garden dtails chelsea flower show garden

image by Chobie Chobes

This garden pergola caught my eye for the colorful glass and wood details that it presents.  I am betting that this rather simple idea for changing up the average arbor will not only provide shade and structure but interesting shadows and colorful light patterns…the white-ish stone floor probably shows this off well.

peacock pebble mosaic chelsea flower show 2010

image by claire.ashman

That this pebble mosaic was created in the few short weeks that are allowed for building show gardens at Chelsea is amazing…they must have done some sections ahead of time.  And where will this go afterward?  I would love to know who the lucky gardener is who gets to tread this path.  It is simply beautiful and a masterful work of garden art.

garden vignette from chelsea flower show

image by thyme2003

This modern garden solved the problem that I have with many overly clean lined compositions. The planting is nicely highlighted by the stuccoed wall backdrop and the placement of sweet little bottles on the shelf creates a charming little vignette that gives warmth to stark modern design.

stone garden sculpture at chelsea flower show

image by _nejire_

And finally, this closeup of a sculpture is such an interesting and exciting example of stone work detail.  I find it kind of meditative as I study the image and imagine the process that the creator went through to put this together.

Did you go to Chelsea and see a great detail or planting combination that you would like to share? Leave a comment, or send a picture here and I will post it on studio ‘g’ later this week.

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  1. private says:

    You bring such beauty to my morning – thanks!

    I love the pergola too – it’s such a balanced accent, giving life/color to the meditative serenity of the blue/white. The peacock is gorgeous, too. It matches my catmint. I have a highly visible sloped area that needs a path. I wonder if a mosaic like this would work as well as steps. It would be better for a wheel barrow than steps. The green glass is a perfect accent, and I love the stone, too! The latter looks beyond my budget, but the green glass is quite affordable. All just fabulous.

  2. ryan says:

    I like the stone detail. Looks like it was fun to do.

  3. Steven K says:

    Missed that pergola, nice photo, thanks for sharing

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