Daily Garden: The Carved Out Garden

June 23, 2010

Deck Garden

image from

There are so many ideas to take from this beautiful garden.  the blue stripe in the deck is interesting and exciting.  The fire-pit coffee table is totally cool, and the grid on the concrete slope retainer adds interest to the overall design and makes the utilitarian, beautiful.

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  1. Delphine says:

    Good idea ! i love this terrace, it must be a nice place with many friends.

  2. private says:

    I never thought a concrete wall could be this charming. I love the destination. I’m still thinking about the crossover, though. That type of railing usually invokes my fear of heights – the last place I would want to have an isolated chair, even though I know people sit according to wind and sun and view and other intangibles not shown. Hmm. short containers along the base of the railing? with grasses to echo the hillside. And maybe repeat one of the destination materials in the crossover – maybe some of the planks could have the same wood tone as the benches, and/or a black stripe. Both would be striking and echo the edge of the bench, and tie it together. (of course my kid likes the blue stripe better than my idea.)
    Thanks again for a provoking picture.

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