Daily Garden: Final Chelsea Flower Show Wrap Up: Top 3 Garden Favorites

June 9, 2010

I am busy busy busy wrapping things up before I start a long weekend trip (I’m off this evening on a trip to Colorado for a family wedding)  I will be back home on Tuesday and plan to post while away….but it might be on the light, if not erratic side.

Anyway– wrapping things up, preparing for a trip — this will be the last of the Chelsea Posts for 2010.

I have studied each show garden, courtyard garden, urban garden and generation garden…and these are my favorites.  I am curious though…if you went, what was your favorite?

The Provencal L’Occitane Garden.

It is a vision of the South of France with plants that thrive in the arid dryness.  The choice of colors (purple and orange) and plants (lavender and poppies) are among my favorites.

Designed by James Towillis – awarded Silver Gilt Medal.

by Joy Shakespeare

l'occitaine garden chelsea flower show 2010

1. L’Occitane Garden, 2. Chelsea 2010., 3. L’Occitane garden, 4. L’Occitane garden

l'occitaine garden chelsea flower show 2010

by chrisb964

l'occitaine garden chelsea flower show 2010

by Elfleda

The Pine and Conifer Enthusiasts Garden.

It looks like it has been there forever and I find the narrow scope of planting to be charming and unique.  I also really enjoy the textural quality of the garden and it has inspired me to take a new look at interesting species of pine and conifer.   Designed by Graham Bodle-awarded Silver Gilt Medal

pine and conifer enthusiats garden chelsea flower show 2010
image by Shellmoakes

pine and conifer enthusiats garden chelsea flower show 2010
1. Chelsea Flower show 2010, 2. The Pine & Conifer Enthusiast Garden, 3. Faithful friend, 4. RHS Chelsea Flower Show photos – ‘Pine and Conifer Enthusiast’ Courtyard Garden – #ARSE2010 Day 3

Thrive! – The Unexpected Gardener.
This garden, by Designer Jo Thompson, took gold and was the winner of Best Urban Garden. Lest you think I have gone completely soft for the ramshackle recreations of something else, this proves I do still have a taste for the glamorous modern gardens.   I am sure that a new trend will emerge for Prunus serrula planted to highlight the beautiful trunk and I really enjoy how the over white-ness of this space is countered and softened with vibrant planting.

Thrive, The Unexpected Gardener

image by Nigel Burkitt.

the unexpected gardener chelsea flower show 2010

1. Chelsea Revisted, 2. Chelsea 2010., 3. RHS Chelsea Flower Show photos – ‘The Unexpected Gardener’ Urban Garden – #ARSE2010 Day 3, 4. RHS Chelsea Flower Show photos – ‘The Unexpected Gardener’ Urban Garden – #ARSE2010 Day 3

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  1. The L’Occitane garden was one of my favourites too. It really stood out for me. I was also very impressed with the Kebony Naturally Norway Garden and thought it was a little sad that these two did not get golds. Andy Sturgeon’s and Tom Stuart-Smiths gardens were breath takingly beautiful. Which would I most like to sit in on a hot summers day? Probably the L’Occitane garden.

  2. Liza says:

    Ohmigosh, I LOVE that Thrive garden – it’s just gorgeous!

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