Garden Destinations: Rose Story Farm

June 3, 2010

Leslie at a Creative Mint is a constant inspiration to me since I discovered her site over a year ago in a class we both took.  Recently she made a trip to Rose Story Farm in Carpinteria, CA and shared it in her own personal style on her blog.

Rose Story Farm has been featured in MSL, WSJ, Oprah, Veranda….blah blah blah….but I never had a huge urge to go until I saw Leslie’s spread…
rose story farm Carpinteria california

Isn’t this all very enticing?

Apparently this was one of Julia’s favorite places… which ads an extra level of intrigue…Julia is one of my heroes.

rose story farm Carpinteria california

Rose Story Farm started in 1998, when owner Danielle Hahn and her family decided to try growing 1000 rose bushes on a half acre of their lemon and avocado farm. Now they grow 18,000 rose bushes, with over 120 varieties on 15 acres. You can take a tour, have lunch, even stay in a rose garden surrounded cottage.

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  1. Rose Silver says:

    Wow.That speaks of great success in rose gardening or I may say rose farming. A 15 acre lot with 18K rose bushes is not a garden but a rose farm and its a great business. I wish I could have my own rose farm in the future. It will be a fulfilling success for me.

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