Plant Palette: Chartreuse & Yellow for the Front of a Dark Brown House

June 25, 2010

I have a bit of project ADD — about 5 things (just in my own garden – not to mention inside the house) going on at once.  My husband begs me to finish something….

In true form, while I am not quite done with the cobblestone patio, I am creating a huge new perennial bed, painting the house, and coordinating the installation of new gutters and the construction of new ipe front steps.  So of course I am moving on to what will be planted in the-to-be-created-currently-weed bed in front of the (not yet) newly painted house.

The house is dark brown – just like the shed in my last post.  The new paint will be more of the same just fresher.  Obsessed with the fresh look of Dark Browny Black mixed with Chartreuse and Yellow, here is what I have decided to plant in a drifty sort of fashion in front of the house and down the steep hillside that flanks my house.  Of course, I haven’t seen any of these plants in local nurseries, so I am ordering them from Digging Dog….I hope they are as great when they arrive as was my recent order with Santa Rosa Gardens.

spodiopogon sibiricus

Phlomis russleiana

Phlomis russleiana

thalictrum flavum glaucum meadow rue

images from (top to bottom) Wayside Gardens, Colleen Miko, Perry Hill Nurseries, and Fine Gardening.

It is dreamy fresh green – yellow mix: Thalictrum flavum ssp. glaucum, Phlomis russeliana, and Spodiopogon sibiricus.  I have never grown any of these plants I am excited to give them all a try.  Have you used these in your garden?  Were they good for you?

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  1. Andrew says:

    Wait! Did you order them yet?! Van Berkum in New Hampshire has Spodiopogon sibiricus this year. I wish I’d see this sooner so I could’ve commented and let you know.

    The other two, yeah, they’re mail order, but well worth it. Phlomis russeliana in bloom is one of my favorite plants. I have a decent patch from just a couple I ordered from Lazy S a few years ago, and I’m going to try to divide them to make more in September. I snagged some divisions of that Thalictrum from a gardening friend this year and have been willing them to grow more quickly. Enjoy!

    • rochelle says:

      Andrew – I haven’t bought them yet! the house is in the process of painting, — I have never actually visited Van berkum (only ordered for delivery) – maybe this is a good excuse. Thanks — R

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