Stepables for a Patio & Labyrnith

July 12, 2010

Creeping White Thyme

I am really enjoying the Stepables website.  It it super helpful for picking the right plant for the right place.  I have a couple of projects where I am trying to resolve the best solution for a step-able material.   One is a grass replacement project for a labyrinth and other is my own patio — to use between cobblestone pavers.   I am leaning towards a couple options that I think will be great for both sites. One is Thymus praecox Albiflorus “White Creeping Thyme” and the other is Silene acaulis “Moss Campion”.  Have you ever planted either of these for a walk-on feature ? I would love to hear how they performed.

Moss campion, Cow Pasture, Mount Washington

At the Stepables site, you can choose traffic level, exposure, soil type, zone, color and growth rate among other things.  It leads you directly to a list of plants that will suit your needs.  There are plants for lawn replacement, crevice filling, mulch replacement, pool, kid or pet areas and every other special need you might have.

It is a very handy garden design tool.

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  1. Id love to try a lawn like this, lovely. Thanks for the link too

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