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Daily Garden: Rebekah & Nick’s Farmhouse

September 13, 2010

Michigan farmhouse eclectic
I think I owe a bit of an apology — I prefer to not take off days at a time of blogging without at least saying something in advance.  But sometimes, life goes crazy and at 11:00 pm when I finally sit down and have a moment to write, I end up falling asleep with exhaustion (my days generally start at 5:30 — though I have insanely committed to a weekly 5:00am butt kicking exercise class — that is, well, kicking my butt).  The late last week mini blogging break wasn’t really planned, it just happened as the consequence of back to school,  fall planting, broken truck, farmers market starting, pre-sisters wedding last minute frenzy, simply too many irons in the fire, chaos.  Do you ever have that?
Michigan farmhouse eclectic
So trying to gett back to a regular schedule (hopefully) — how about a daily garden?  I saw this a couple weeks ago over on Houzz (a great website for design ideas).   This Michigan farmhouse exudes the relaxed country feel that I try to achieve in many of my projects (particularly on my own property and those on the far outreaches of the city).
Michigan farmhouse eclectic

I has mid-west charm, but maintains a sense of style, that I think is mostly achieved by the use of furniture that isn’t of the Lowe’s / Home Depot/ Patio Store variety.    Speaking of which, I am on a bit of a tirade regarding this topic.  I live near Worcester MA, (a second city to Boston) and last week I received my copy of Worcester Living magazine.  This issue happened to be “The Best….” issue where the editors and readers come up with a list of the best in Worcester of all sorts of restaurant, shopping and general lifestyle categories.   Generally it is an interesting list, with lots of tips and ideas for great local (perhaps undiscovered) hot spots and businesses to try out.  But in the ‘Garden Shop’ category, the winner was Home Depot and the Runner up was Lowes.  Ugh. Kidding, I am not…and it is not like there are no great garden centers in the area, there are plenty, but they are clearly not getting their word out or getting their due.  I find it very disappointing that these heartless centers are considered by some to be the best in regional garden resources.  To put the icing on this little cake, I have also recently received not one, but a couple of emails from readers asking for travel advice (garden interested people looking for good local tips on places to explore while on vacation)

Subsequently, I am adding a regional guide feature.  It is something I have wanted to do for sometime, but not known where to start.  Slowly but surely, (and with your help) I want to create a series of garden city guides. I am officially working on the inaugural guide that will cover Worcester County, Massachusetts and then I will move on to cover other local areas. After I get the first one or two up and have worked out what seems most interesting, I would love to partner with you to create a local guide to your hometown areas. Let me know if you are interested in helping and also if you have ideas about what should be included.  I am thinking great garden shops and  plant outlets,  green and local restaurants, private gardens that are worth checking into for open days (perhaps links to all the local groups that do garden tours), great garden hotels (if they exist) and other interesting land based design sites.   Anything I am missing?

Michigan farmhouse eclectic
Coming back to this lovely garden, can I point out my favorite part?  That barn wood table.  The ‘giving barn’, as it has been loving referred to by the owners, provided the materials for it.   I have a ‘giving barn’ — it recently provided materials for our 2010 Harvard Farmers Market road signs (go ahead check them out — I love them!!).
So, wrapping up this stream of consciousness post — here is a garden design truism:  Nothing gives a garden more character than materials that are sourced locally and which have a natural patina.
Michigan farmhouse eclectic

barn wood table

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  1. I like it. Normally I’m into either naturalistic or modern aesthetics, but this garden carries a Martha Stewart vibe rather than a Donna Dewberry one. The gravel flooring and harsh weathered wood table look chic and not shabby chic… its gotta be the restraint from Knick knacks and doodads.

  2. Hi there,
    We’re really flattered that you blogged about our farmhouse! Especially because we are complete novices at landscaping and gardening and did everything ourselves – learning as we went along. I can’t tell you how much I admire professional garden and landscape designers – so we’re doubly flattered, really! Glad to know that our little slice of heaven translates it’s relaxed charm via cyberspace!

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