Garden Catwalk & Planters by Minimus

November 3, 2010

Does this hold any appeal for you?

garden catwalk water feature

It kind of works for me.  I imagine this ultra hip garden feature in the country home of a rock star or a fashion icon.  Or perhaps it is just an installation for a photo shoot… or maybe an on-location filming of Project Runway where the contestants have to make beautiful clothes from garden cuttings .

I think I’d have a party here and dance on the light up catwalk floor surrounded by a little step over moat. The fact that it is secluded and surrounded by old school english hedges just kind of does it for me. Total Garden Glam.

The Catwalk Modular garden flooring system was crated my Minimis and is available in three sizes (SMALL 2′ x 2′ 60cm x 60cm, MEDIUM 2′ x 4′ 60cm x 120cm and LARGE 4′ x 4′ 120cm x 120cm) and two finishes.   There are two versions, the white transparent surface (above) is illuminated by random patterns of LED points of light and the Ipe (Brazilian hardwood) version below.

modular deck system catwalk

It is self-contained and self-supporting and adjustable feet allow the product to accomodate virtually any terrain (says the supplier) — so it seems a good solution for a roof top garden, or perhaps something even more creative.

And while you are on the Minimis website…make sure you check out the full range of planters made from re-purposed filing cabinets…lots of finishes….go crazy.

filing cabinet re-purposed garden planter from minimus

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  1. Susan aka Miss R says:

    Don’t love the planter, but do love the catwalk. So many possibilities for that idea.

  2. I’m freaking out about the planter- thinking about how inexpensive old file cabinets are…. and how to elevate one on landscape timbers and then come forward with a second one…. privacy fence!

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