2011 Garden Resolutions

December 28, 2010

I am keeping a running list of New Year’s Resolutions. Are you?

On top of that, I have been spending lots of time this week setting myself up for resolution success. I have cleaned out lots of paper clutter, created a folder (that I intend to keep using) to hold all the things that have ‘to get done’, and my car is clean. Heck, I even got a new treadmill. I don’t always make resolutions, but this year it seems right, and the more I make, the more motivated I am becoming. I simply can’t wait to get started with some of the goals I have set for myself, I feel like I’ve been floating for the last few months and having made some career decisions, I am getting ready to move into an action phase.  I need to do the ground work first, but I am thankful that the new year is providing a nice launching point.
garden inspiration board for studio g 'g'

My life and my garden seem to be in some sort of phase sync. The last few years have been all about cleanup, re-organizing and fairly major ground works. Last year was the first season I could start adding plants and in my ebullience I just bought stuff I liked, with no plan. (Have I ever mentioned that I often struggle to follow my own advice?)

Lots of things were successful, but many more are a disorganized mess. So before things get too out of hand, I need to seriously consider drawing up a plan for myself….or at least a few inspiration boards (like a visual to do list) to organize all our thoughts.

plant inspirations for 2011 garden

I have created my 2011 Garden Inspiration project ‘To Do’ Boards….to go along with my list.

1) Plant: Climbing red roses (I changed up to yellow – fingers crossed they survive the winter), hops (I did this but they died), grapes, allium, a variety of of colorful conifers, at least one fig tree, a ginko tree and a Weeping willow. Because I love them all– and they will start to create new structure.

2) Split my miscanthus giganteus and transplant some of it near the big barn as well as other ‘corners’ of the property — because I really like the look of softening ‘corners’ with big grasses.  Move my favorite, but poorly performing, Kirengeshoma palmata to a shady spot.  They really didn’t like having their shade tree removed.  They will welcome some respite from the heat.

3) Paint the lower barn orange….then fix the barn doors  — using interesting buckle strap hinges.

4) Paint the upper barn pale green and white.  Then create and install a huge 2 story mural to cover the garden side of that barn. Its the same side that faces my front windows….I am planning a beautiful piece of art. (and not like the mural in the picture…I have something different in mind)

garden project inspiration boards

5) Build a long rustic grape arbour and plant grape vines.  Connect it to the roof line of the house and replace  the mud room window with a dutch door….so I can walk out underneath the grape arbour, with my new circle patio from this year at the far end as a focal point.

6) Make plant lables for my veg garden….so that I am not the only one in my family who knows what I planted where… ( I love these simple rustic DIY versions)

7) Get a tripod cooker to complete phase 2 of my outdoor kitchen. (phase 1 was the big metal fireplace/grill and phase 3 will be the wood fired pizza oven) – Note: – I did this – but I don’t ever use it.

8 ) Replace and beef up our lame outdoor house lighting.  Goose neck and industrial barn lights are the look I am going for.

9) Get a house # for the house AND for the end of the driveway. I’m tired of explaining about the lost tree that used to have our # on it….it’s annoying, I just need people to be able to find where I live without a dissertation.

10) Install a proper tree swing….hung from the oak trees in the back yard.

11) Grind out all the stumps. We have almost stopped noticing them….but they make things look a little like a war zone.  They need to go.

11) And finally — resolve ‘The Hillside Issue’. What was meant to be a pastoral meadow has become a warren of wild raspberries mixed with poison ivy.  Goats? Icelandic Sheep? Llamas? buy a tractor? make new friends that can field mow at a reasonable and sustainable price?  There hasn’t been an obvious answer to our dilemma…..All cards are on the table….suggestions are welcome.

Now, I must get back to getting my career organized….;)

Will you be resolving anything in 2011? Are you making to-do lists, or flying by the seat of your pants? Whichever, I would love to hear what you have planned.

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  1. Allison says:

    What a list! I must admit, I love writing ‘to do’ lists! Nothing beats the satisfaction of a big long list with EVERYTHING crossed off and done! Although I try not to plan everything – it’s nice to include some spontaneity too. A wonderful collection of images, happy new year!
    Allison x

  2. Rebecca says:

    Your garden is going to look fabulous! I’m jealous! Thank you for linking to my blog! Happy New Year!

  3. Jennifer de Graaf says:

    In 2011, I will keep my plants watered. Every summer I get lazy and something dies. Not this year! Have a wonderful new year!!

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