Inspired By: Rune Guneriussen

December 3, 2010

The unnatural placement of objects is a terribly interesting subject to think on when designing gardens, or really any space, I think. I find that the juxtaposition of an object with a place that is incongruous with what the object does or is, makes the item or items so much more interesting.
rune guneriussen art


rune guneriussen artTake Rune Guneriussen’s work for example. He is a young Scandinavian conceptual artist who lives and works in eastern Norway. Rune takes such objects as tables, lamps, chairs, globes, and phones and places them (sort of in an Andy Goldsworthy style) in the landscape.  These images are shot on location all over Norway.

rune guneriussen artBecause the objects are implemented in a landscape that is so unnatural for them, they take on characteristics that you wouldn’t normally associate with them.

rune guneriussen art

The result is surreal and fantastic and, I have to agree with Galit at Slow Lane Notes (where I found this) that the scenes do look like something from a science fiction movie.  Yes, I can imagine the globes as aliens who invade planet earth sending their friends, the lamps, to investigate this weird place.

rune guneriussen art
rune guneriussen art

Increasingly, recycled goods are being turned into art or are being repurposed for all sorts of uses and this has me thinking about what beautiful and interesting things I might be able to create in the garden with the placement of something completely out of the ordinary.

rune guneriussen art

Have you done this in your garden or seen this done somewhere?  I would love to compile some examples so please share if you know of a place or have a picture.

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  1. wow fantastic, I love it. Thanks for highlighting this to me.

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