Natural Plant Partners: Callicarpa & Verbena

January 11, 2011

I am resigned to thinking that they probably can’t be partners in my garden (though I am going to try – just in case).  Callicarpa isn’t the problem, it’s the Verbena (will it work in zone 5? – supposedly not, but I have found evidence from other gardeners that it might).

verbena bonariensis purple flowers plant


But there is something about this ridiculously pretty purple color in hazy effect that I just can’t get enough of.   Are you buying seeds that might not work where you live?  I always do — sometimes I strike lucky and it is just worth the risk.

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  1. Ryan Miller says:

    I think my Beauty Berry will need some pollination help this summer, I got so few berries this last year…

    Seed that might not work in where I live? Most definitely, the biggest piece of zonal denial might be my Bomarea hirtella seeds.

  2. Verbena bonariensis, as shown in your photo, is an annual that will self seed readily in Zone 5.
    I have grown it for many years in our gardens at Plant Paradise. We have not been so lucky with Callicarpa in our Zone 5 gardens. It just doesn’t winter over well.
    Verbena canadensis ‘Homestead Pink’ has wintered over beautifully. It blooms from June until frost and grows only 8 inches high. A great perennial verbena for Zone 5.

  3. rochelle says:

    yea! lorraine that is so encouraging (at least about the verbena) – I think my beauty berry will be fine – though I just planted it this year. But my neighbors have it too and theirs has flourished for many years. The variety that I have is Callicarpa Early Amethyst…is that what you tried? It is supposed to be good to zone 5.

  4. Here we grow Callicarpa like a sub-shrub and cut it back ever spring, I’m zone 5 too…

  5. norma bean says:

    that verbena did not do well in my Tampa garden . I grow the white beauty berry– has had some cold damage, but am sure it will be ok—haven’t had it a year yet

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