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February 7, 2011

Niels and Sven, Flo and Sascha — is the secret to design success to be one part of a duo? Probably not completely, but I have admit, I don’t think I would mind being half of a ‘wonder twins’ type design team. The right combination of persons, I think, could provide a very useful and exciting creative tension as well as a built in cheering squad in the manner that one plus one equals way more than two.

Corten steel fireplace arrow by niels en sven

Dutch Duo Niels and Sven are responsible for this uber-cool Vuurpijl outdoor fireplace.

“The form of the fire-arrow is ideal to put a fire into. It functions as a chimney when a fire is lit inside of the shape. This arrow points out the place where you can make your own fire.”

Corten steel is perhaps one of my favorite garden materials….

And then there are the German team of  Flo and Sascha who are the team behind Confused Direction.  Their Poissonmobile chair is a folding, rolling, flexible mat that transforms into an ergonomic chair.   I imagine it for the beach (way better than the crappy costco chairs) but it even looks good in the winter garden.

confused direction folding mat chair

folding mat garden chair from confused direction

The Poissonmobile can be made from recycled truck tarpaulin’s, particularly those that might have printing on them….allowing for either a more artistic form or one that takes on company branding.

folding mat garden chair from confused direction

This particular white version sits on the deck of Confused Direction’s self designed houseboat.  This is, of course, no ordinary house boat, (what would you expect from a design duo?) it has a green roof and is a beautiful work of modern art. It’s worth checking out.

Now, who will be my wonder twin?  “Wonder twin powers activate….form of…”

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