Garden Gluttony

February 8, 2011

I have to admit, I paused for a moment….should I take such a glorious little British business idea and throw it out amongst a ton of US readers or perhaps save it for myself?  A moment of thinking and a quick reality check with my life, family, etc…. left me thinking I should throw it out there…..and hope that one of you sees this idea and starts a grand business selling similar products here in the US.  I will be your first customer and you can send me one of your first gift boxes as a thank-you.

mediterranean garden from gluttonous gardener

Gluttonous gardener’s Mediterranean garden fit (a pomegranate tree, an olive tree, and a fig tree)

What is this lovely business?  The Gluttonous Gardener — a UK based company that sells beautifully packaged and presented garden and food boxes.  I love giving plants, flowers, booze and food as gifts — and I like receiving all of the above as well.  This is why I think this business is perfect.  Why not thoughtfully combine these thing?  For those who love a classic Sloe Gin Fizz in the summer (like me, say on my birthday in June) you can send a box with a nice hip flask of Sloe gin, as well as three young sloe bushes ready to plant.   The lucky recipient can then produce their own sloe gin because the crated package also includes full instructions and recipes to make your own (once your little plants grow up).

champagne and myrtle engagement gift

Or maybe the looming Valentine’s day has just passed, and everyone you know just got engaged….send over a congratulatory bottle of champagne that is also boxed with a beautifully potted myrtle.  “The pretty Myrtle plant has long been associated with love. It was sacred to Aphrodite in classical times, and the Victorians added sprigs to bridal bouquets to symbolize a happy marriage.”  The bridal couple-to-be, can harvest their own Myrtle sprigs on their big day.

medlar crate from gluttonous gardener

Medlar plant and Medlar Jelly.

Each package is so beautifully thought out and ties together the lore and tradition that plants have with life’s major events.  While nothing like this exists here in the US (that I know of), I am certainly gleaning ideas for happy botanical gift giving.  Where I back in the UK, I would certainly be a repeat Gluttonous customer.

chili hot toddy gift crate from gluttonous gardener

This foodie crate is looking particularly appealing to me right now (I am coming down with a cold). It is first-aid and contains a small bottle of whiskey, fresh lemons, cloves, cinnamon, honey, a toddy glass, and recipes for the perfect hot toddy.

Other thoughtful gifts are perfect for house warmings (champagne and herbs), bereavement remembrances (rosemary and remembrance roses with copper tags), baby gifts (mulberry bushes, gooseberry, celebration roses and champagne), or for no occasion at all (try the Moroccan box with ornate Moroccan tea glasses, green tea, a Moroccan Mint plant, and a supply of lump sugar, along with full instructions on how prepare the perfect Kasbah cuppa).  Please, now someone go start this business and let me know when I can start placing orders!

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  1. louise says:

    LOVE IT. great find!

  2. Awesome idea. A consumable, and something to grow and remember the recipient. I may have to start my business plan now. And then I can send you your thank you gift box.

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