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Garden Inspirations: An Inside-Outside Venice Beach House

Imagine this, you are sitting around in your oh so casual and relaxed summer nothing clothes, watching last night’s American Idol, kids playing nearby (in the pool), you feel a little sticky – maybe like taking a quick dip, two steps – spash — oh the commercial break is over, back to watching….sip mojito…ah this is the life…..

swimming pool house garden

Need to do a little spot of gardening?…hmmm….must go through pool first.

Walk through TV room/ library, enter more formal living room where gorgeous tree supplants art work on one wall.  Relax.

open plan house in venice beach california

This may perhaps be one of the most dramatic inside-outside integrated houses I have ever seen.  The gardens are so beautifully part of the life of this house and the way that these people must live.  I can hardly imagine what my day to day family life would be like in a place like this.  Amazing.

images by Verne

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  1. Michele Pappas says:

    AH mazing!

  2. This is very close to the house/garden/pool concept I’ve had in my head since I was ten years old and toyed with becoming an architect. But I have no regrets, other than not being an architect and not living in this house.

  3. So jealous of places like SoCal that have minimal insects to worry about. Around here, I’d have to worry about my cat getting carried off by a mosquito.

  4. Denise says:

    Well, then you must come to the Venice Garden & Home Tour 5/7/11. The 2011 tour post card ad coincidentally arrived in the mail today. This house was on the tour last year, the first photo in my blog entry and photos 5, 6, 7 and 8:

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