Vegetable Garden Planning with The Fabulous Beekman Boys

February 21, 2011

I have some exciting news!  The Fabulous Beekman Boys have teamed up with Williams Sonoma to create an heirloom vegetable garden kit.  It is an effort to create the “worlds largest community garden” — the goal, to gather at least 10,000 people to plant this seed kit, grow some great vegetables, and share and learn along the way.

the fabulous beekman brothers heirloom gardners william sonoma

It’s a great project right!?!…well, here is the even better thing….I’m one of the ‘experts’ helping out! If you are in zone 6 – I’ve been chosen to be your “expert garden partner” to help you out with this great project. All you have to do is log into the Beekman forums to ask your questions about growing this selection of vegetables and I, along with other experts from other zones, will be there to help you out.
If you would like to meet my compatriots in this endeavor, head over to the Beekman site to read up on the other ‘official’ helpers. Also, throughout the season I will be writing over there too, so make sure to stop by.

landreth heirloom seed kit from williams sonoma and the fabulous beekman boys

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  1. Ruth says:

    This sounds interesting – but I will be growing on a balcony – do you think this combo is container friendly?

    • rochelle says:

      Ruth – certainly some (most) of the plants are perfect for the balcony….some on the other hand (like the squash) may need a little extra thought to find a home for as they need a lot of room….but let me have a think on that….I bet we can come up some good squash on a balcony inspiration. 😉

  2. Private says:

    wow. I love the idea! Especially having an email planting calendar that goes with the variety. Seasons are very tricky here in zone 7. We go from winter with warm spells to spring with cold spells to pollen season to (don’t blink) excellent growing weather to hot humid powdery mildew season. Then back to school brings scraggly season, where it’s not cold enough to kill, but nothing looks very good for some reason, and that can last until Dec. When to plant depends a lot on heat/humidity/frost tolerance, and is variety specific, so it would help so much to have a local growing the same varieties. (I’m hoping my pesticide reluctance will match too.)

    Thanks for publicizing this!

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