Blogs I like : February 2011

February just flies by with its ridiculous shortness.  If it were a normal month, it could actually still be February today.  It is under this pretense that I have decided to operate in rolling out a few of my monthly features that just didn’t get done inside the short month.  So with that, I share with you Blogs I like and have been obsessed with the last 31 days.  violet picture by Photo: Lisa Warninger.

frolic blog header

First up is Frolic, where I found the pretty violets image (above).  Chelsea Fuss who writes here shares her florals and general design inspiration. And the violets reminded me of something I just learned yesterday about the senses….did you know that you can only smell a violet for a moment and then something in the nose happens and you can’t smell them anymore?  A friend read this in a book about the senses and I am so intrigued that I plan to borrow the book when she is done.

saipua blog header

Also on the topic of pretty floral blogs.  Saipua never fails to whet my appetite for blossoms, pretty color combinations and ideas for planting and picking.

design love fest blog header

Bri Emery a graphic designer over at Design Love Fest creates a blog that is unique as they come.  Plenty of original ideas and design inspiration springs from the files of this site.

poppytalk blog header

I have known of Poppytalk for years but somehow never spent any time on the site.  So I was baffled when I clicked over recently and realized that Jan and Earl are like my design soul mates.  Their tag line of ‘the beautiful, the decayed, the handmade’ is a perfect description for this beautiful site.

splendid willow blog header

When I first popped in at Splendid Willow, I had this thought as the page loaded that it might be a blog about the genus ‘salix’. Wrong….but it is a another very interesting and well done design site with a Swedish twist.

The Selby blog header

Photography; learning about it,  studying the work of others, and trying desperately to get better at it, is a current obsession of mine.  Hence The Selby with a rich palette and an interesting style is a place I can get lost in visual overload for hours.

fast company design header

Fast Company Design is so insightful and useful for staying abreast of market trends, interesting people and modern ideas.  I have come to regard it as a daily must read.

thinkingardens header

Thinkin Gardens sets the bar in the Garden Design industry for though provoking articles, good writing and bringing together the best and brightest in the industry.

momfilter blog header

And Finally, amongst my short list of beloved magazines that have sadly bit the dust, Cookie ranks near the top.  But Momfilter is here now to take the edge off that hole in my reading material.  It’s by the Cookie people and it’s every bit as good as the magazine was.

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  1. Laguna Dirt says:

    fun pics! great variety. such inspiration!

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