I’m on it…Rockin Powder Coating

March 14, 2011

Remember those vintage garden chairs that I need to get re-finished before then rust away?  Yeah, well they are still in my basement work room mocking me every time I do laundry —“when are you going to pay attention to me?  Spring is coming.  We are going to die if you don’t do something about these spots?  You say you love us but you don’t act like it…..”

I need to get them painted and I know it.  But this just caught my attention in a big way.

geekhouse poder coated bike

Geekhouse Bikes, (which is blessedly local to me) has come up with a new technique in powder coating whereby they can apply all sorts of graphic detail through the powder coating process… this bandanna bike.   Wouldn’t this be so completely fabulous on my vintage chairs …and would last a lot longer that my much procrastinated paint job will.

powder coated bike bandana

I have emailed them, and am awaiting details of price, turnaround time, and options which I will share as soon as I hear back. If they can do this to a bike, imagine what they can do with a vintage garden chair…. I feel as if a whole new world of patterned and graphic reclaimed garden goodies may have just opened up. I’m on it.

detail of powder coating

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  1. DIYmoto says:

    That is amazing. So what ever happened with that? did you hear back from them?

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