Before & After: Dustin’s Front Garden

April 28, 2011

before and after dustin secateur front garden los angeles

Impressive. — Is all I can say about this before and after.  Sure, it is a stunning and radically exciting transformation, but the biggest kicker of this garden was that it was done in just one year.  That just doesn’t happen very often.  Building a garden like this is a lot of work, and then you usually have to let it settle in and grow a bit before it starts to look this good.  Perhaps it’s a little over planted — but as a chronic over-planter myself (my philosophy is, if budget allows you can’t have too many — they can always be thinned and shared later)  this is a criticism I can’t throw around.   Dustin over at Non-secateur created this front garden and if you want to see more images pop on over to his blog.

before and after garden dustin non secateur garden blogger los angeles

Oh – and my favorite part — those completely cool ball stacks.  I wonder how those were made or where they came from? Don’t they look like they could have been handmade?

before and after garden stacked ball sculpture

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  1. Private says:

    hmm. Sometimes looking at these pictures helps me define what I like. I find this one unsettling – my mind makes no sense or pattern from the jumble. Even the basic path to the front door oddly enough seems to lead to the neighbor’s house.

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