Weekend Things

April 22, 2011

old fashioned sweet violet syrup

Hello friends, I am signing off for the weekend but in my ever unsettled quest to become more organized and intentional, I am giving a new regular post a kick off.  Weekend things is my Friday afternoon (or evening) repository of good stuff for the weekend.  I hope you enjoy it and I hope I can manage to keep it going.  😉

I hope you have a lovely weekend planned.  Mine is going to be quite low key and for that I am happy.  I’m even excited that it is going to rain for much of the day tomorrow — I spread grass seed today in the areas of the lawn that were dug up with our recent stump removal.  Lets hope for some good germination.

If you have some time this holiday weekend to sneak away and do some internet exploring, here are a few things I’d like to share:

Also, did you check out my Gardenist column at Apartment Therapy?  — It’s about perennial container gardens and a great book.

And here’s a quick run-down of this weeks highlights:

Oh- and if that Old Fashioned Sweet Violet Syrup is catching your eye too, you can learn how to make it at

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  1. That photo would look soooo cute framed and hanging on my kitchen wall! Love your blog!

  2. pbargar says:

    the occasional low key day is a wonderful way to tame the mental craze and regroup.
    the Friday rain-barrel post is great! love the 0.00043 percent view. I hope this means of posting frees up your weekend.

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