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Before & After: My Garden Chairs

May 4, 2011

I just can’t wait to share with you the transformation of my garden chairs!  Remember last fall I asked your opinion about what color to paint them?  We all generally decided on blue.

Well they are almost done (and for picture purposes they are —  since the oil based paint I used takes like 5 days to dry, and the bottoms are still not done, and its going to rain for the net couple days, and I just can’t wait any more).   Aren’t they perfect!  I ***ADORE*** the blue!

garden chairs before and after

before and after chairs garden

garden chair makeover

So I paid $20 for the 4 matching chairs and $25 for the one with the punchouts on the end.  (so $45 total) and about $35 on a gallon of paint and $15 on primer (now $95 total) and guess what I saw yesterday on craigslist? A set of 4 (nearly) identical chairs with a matching table — still in rusty old condition — for $450.  Now that seller is probably smoking something and I can’t imagine them actually going for that price…..but I am curious, now that they are almost all done, what do you think they are worth when I get them finished?

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  1. jil casey says:

    Just a guesstimate – at least triple what you paid for them – the punchout one would be more.
    The chairs look gorgeous against the rock wall.

  2. rochelle says:

    I should note — not that they are for sale — I am way too much in love with them!

  3. p bargar says:

    ah – what a lovely Caribbean shade of powdery blue.
    These 5 should look inviting even in the sultry heat of summer, and even more striking if gathered in snow scene.

  4. Beth Cordar says:

    I do love the color of the chairs and think they look great–wondering what do ya’ll think about price per chair?

  5. louise says:

    Doing anything for cushions? ; )

  6. laguna dirt says:

    you won’t like this, but imho i would have left them with the original paint! great patina and color! but i’m pretty weird. most people will totally dig the cleaned up version and that they are a fantastic set! start the bidding high! why not?

    • rochelle says:

      I know — I love patina too….but these left nasty paint chips and rust smudges on your clothes if you sat on them. Plus I was concerned that my $45 investment would deteriorate before my eyes into a pile of orange dust.

  7. rochelle says:

    yes louise def. needs cushions….headed to Arte in Hudson — sure to find something there.

  8. patty says:

    Great color. Over about a 6 year span I’ve managed to snag 5 metal chairs from peoples garbage. All in great shape. I’m constantly amazed that people would consider these old chairs junk. I absolutely love them!

  9. Lilburn Lady says:

    I know that your beautiful chairs are special to you, but they are also collector’s items these days. I have six of my own very similar chairs that I need to repaint myself. I hang onto them because they are valuable. Check out the link to the website above. They find these old chairs, gliders, patio tables, etc. and restore them and sell them. People will pay upwards of $500 for an old glider or $250 for a chair if it’s unique.

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