Plant Partners: Artichoke & Gomphrena

May 10, 2011

After a long day of being onsite I arrived home just now to a sweet surprise.  Artichoke Green Globe from Peaceful Valley Nurseries.  I won them a couple weeks ago in a giveaway on Genevieve’s North Coast Gardening Blog.    I have already decided what I am going to pair them with (and because my daughter already picked out a packet of seeds I don’t even need to go to the store).  It’s Gomphrena.

gomphrena and artichoke

There are lots of rationale’s for pairing plants.  In this case, I hope a matching form will be interesting.  I think the large globe shape of the artichoke and the small globe shape of the Gomphrena, one green with silvery foliage and one bright raspberry red on green foliage, will be quite a sight.    What are some of you rationales for pairing plants?

images from: egc catalog, monrovia, sm healthcare and  learn 2grow

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  1. Gary Walter says:

    Morrells??? Are these mushrooms really growing in your front yard? Your Grandmother used to search for these on the ranch in Montana, and we had some feasts on them. They are great!
    Give them a try.

  2. ellen says:

    I love gomphrena for it’s color and heat tolerance, but It will attract birds. The sparrows always seemed to “discover” mine a few times during the season and chew them down to stubs. The plants recovered nicely every time, though.

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