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May 8, 2011

heart of flowers

I hope you are having a weekend of good weather, good fun and happy mothers day celebrations.  I have asked my husband and little people to forgo too much of today being given over to big meals out and long drives to get to big meals…and rather, have them help me in the garden.  There is so much to do but attacking it with a team effort will make me happier for much longer.  I can’t wait.  (though at the moment I have ben banished to my bedroom while my kitchen is destroyed with the breakfast preparations).

I have gathered up a few things this week that I missed getting posted, but caught my eye nonetheless.

—What kind of head gear do you prefer?

—This makes me think of My Grandma — but I am not sure why.

—I’m learning a few new tricks….part 1 had me hooked, parts 2, 3 and 4 are also great – I just need to watch about 100 more times to soak it all in.

This made me laugh – because I have been there, and I have done that, hopefully with the same impressive level of style.

Did you catch The Gardenist over at Apartment Therapy?  This week, I rounded up top garden plants from garden designers around the country.

Also, here is a run down of everything else that we chatted about this week.

—We have a giveaway going on for some organic landscape fabric and a gift card for Lowe’s

—Fruit trees are in bloom everywhere, are you ready for picking?

—I am still hitting replay on the forest xylophone video.

—Did you celebrate Cinco De Mayo?

—We had a couple garden furniture before & afters this week:  A patio table and my own chairs.

—Have you ever thought about building a folly in your garden?

Hair Pin Legs are great for homemade garden  furniture.

—And we welcomed in May with a wrap up of great blogs for April.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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