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Hey There! I’m Rochelle Greayer. I’m a garden designer on TV and IRL. I’m also an author and entrepreneur who thinks she can save the world by teaching everyone a little something about landscape design.






Garden Gallery: Jinny Bloom’s Wild Order

jinny blom garden design

If I weren’t a garden designer myself, and I had decided to hire a designer to help me with my current garden, that person would be Jinny Blom.  She simply excels at what I like and want out of a country garden.  Perhaps if I had a city garden, my choice of designer would be very different, and I would have a more difficult time picking, but this garden seals the deal for me (although I prefer her meadows to the more formal structure of this project). Jinny has won the bidding, she can have my hypothetical job.

Is that really done?  Do interior designers ever really hire other interior designers to do up their homes?  Architects hire architects?  Those would be interesting project for sure.  It seems if you are in the business, you have a vision that you never get to build quite like you can in your home — so why would you hire out?  But, I would certainly love to have Jinny over for a consultation.  In fact, that doesn’t seem like a bad way to learn a few things or open my eyes to something new and different (that is hire a designer – even if you are a designer). Are you a designer?  Have you ever hired someone else to do your job and your passion?

hiring a designer Jinny bloom garden

images via splendid sass from the april issue of veranda magazine.

Screen-shot-2011-03-22-at-6.19.20-PM Screen-shot-2011-03-22-at-6.19.19-PM Screen-shot-2011-03-22-at-6.19.02-PM-500x436 Screen-shot-2011-03-22-at-6.19.07-PM Screen-shot-2011-03-22-at-6.19.17-PM Screen-shot-2011-03-22-at-6.19.18-PM

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  1. p bargar says:

    yes, once, in reverse – meaning I did the job for the other landscaper.
    And once was enough.

    Consultation and planning was all great, bubbly, verbal agreements (oh how naive I was).
    When it came down to the actual pickup and install it dissolved into two people trying to drive one car. Result wasn’t entirely a wreck, but several of the plants died from neglect, which was the final irony in the whole thing.
    Sorry, I’ll pass on repeating that one..

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