Garden Gallery : Modular’s Mixed Materials

June 1, 2011

Sometimes a garden image just reaches out and grabs me….like this one.   I think it is the way the materials all play off each other to make the one next to it pop.  And the idea of a red deck — like a really red deck — not just a redwood water sealed deck — is looking to me like it might actually be a good idea.  Especially when sited with an airy hedge of verbena (I think).

mudular gardens red deck

What do you think? Do you like this sort of organized garden?

Designed by Modular Gardens.

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  1. laguna dirt says:

    although i think i prefer “loose” gardens, i find i’m attracted to those with a strong sense of structure. it seems especially important in smaller gardens. so, yes, love this!!

  2. Private says:

    I like the sense of structure, and so much more is possible these days with foliage. But the color of this deck is a miss for me – it’s unrelated to the camel tones or the slate tones, and yet it’s not pretty enough to be an accent color. Cherry red or Teal blue, perhaps, would be more confidently cheerful. I’m just not getting enough punch from the brownish red.

  3. rosekraft says:

    Gotta love that those Verbena bonariensis, planted as tightly as they are, refuse to be neat and contained!

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