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Garden Gossip: Terrain in Westport, CT

June 21, 2011

I’m so excited about the latest in garden center gossip.  According to Garden Center magazine, Urban Outfitters (the parent company of Terrain) has applied to the Westport, CT  city planners to convert a used car dealership into the second Terrain Store.

terrain garden center westport ct

The proposal calls for the new establishment to keep the shell of the existing building, but woudl reduce the square footage from 22,000 sq ft to 17,000 sq ft and extensive landscaping of the property.

“We’re going to use our own landscaping team to landscape every free area we can,” said Ken Nemeth, Urban Outfitters’ senior development manager. “We’re going to do some very unconventional, beautiful things with the landscaping.”  (oh — I  can’t wait to see it!!)

Have you been to the Terrain store in Pennsylvania?  I haven’t but have thought about making the trek this summer….if you have been, what do you think?  Love it? Wish it were more places? overrated?

image from a life’s style

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  1. I have been several times and have a good friend who works on their design team. They own their market…unusual yet approachable merchandising, clear vision and good food even! See review here.

  2. Heidi S says:

    I live near by so I visit fairly regularly. It is a very beautiful and interesting place. I would recommend having lunch or dinner there. The food is good and they use quite a bit of local food (although the service is slow) and you get to sit in a lovely greenhouse. I would suggest also coordinating it with a trip to Longwood Gardens or Winterthur. Also nearby in Tyler arboretum which is fun and has a good bit of fun stuff for the kids.

    I always joke about all the hipsters coming out to visit “the county” but there are an equal number of older ladies there as well.

    I would also recommend checking out their calendar online. They have lots of events that sound interesting.

  3. Desha says:

    Ah Terrain! Love it, would love to vist a store in person. I’m afraid I’d go completly nuts there, as I love anthro and gardening. fellow BYW gal

  4. Matt says:

    I’ve always wanted to visit this store. If it’s just like the gardening version of Urban Outfitters, then I don’t know if I’d like it though. Every time I step in the urban outfitters at the mall, there’s nothing their that I want to buy or wear. I own a fur winter hat from their, that’s all.

    I agree you should combine it with a trip to Longwood and WInterthur. Come visit Mount Cuba in Delaware too! And if you’re *really* up to it. We have some beautiful marshes and inland bays downstate that would scream for you to photograph them!

  5. arrieo says:

    Visited the PA store last year, and was blown away! Copied some of their ideas in my garden room when I got home, would have bought lots, except I was flying with carry-on.They are really the best garden/home store ever!

  6. gardenethus says:

    Any idea on when it will be opening? in Westport, CT

  7. Ken says:

    Terrain’s in PA is a destination to be experienced. The former garden center converted to this resplendent eden is something un-heard of until you step foot in it. You won’t be disappointed. The greenhouse cafe, “sheds” of wares, and staff are full of character, warmth, and wonderment. The place, concept, and experience works, and is an understatement. See it!

  8. Susan says:

    Visited the PA store recently and loved it! The cafe is excellent as well and all the merchandising, landscaping, outdoor seating and fire pit are lovely. It was decked out for Christmas and I found myself very inspired. Love all the workshops available too. Westport is closer to where I live so this is exciting. Here is a link to my blog post about terrain.

  9. Tarra says:

    I am regular at terrain in PA. Live within a few miles. Was there today and talked to them about the CT location, they said opening later this year and will be a cafe and store only not all of the nursery plants. They also expect to have a liquor license at both PA and CT. They just applied for the license in PA, it is currently byob.

  10. Theresa says:

    Does anyone have any photo’s of the PA opening? Specifically of the multi colored tent? I bought it – (closed up) and would love to see a photo of it open?
    I Love Terrain!

  11. Kathy says:

    I live in western PA and I have driven to Terrain several times. I have taken my daughter… loved their skin care products…my husband…we bought a lot of trees, rare plants that are hardy to our area..and a gorgeous fountain.
    I saw so many things I wanted…the presentations are beautiful…and they are hands on with supplies available for each display/project.
    I love their seminars…they are thorough and easy to do…and you can have such gorgeous things for your home…I wish I lived closer!!
    It is the ultimate garden/shopping/dining area.
    Can you tell I love it???

  12. Salvage and Son says:

    Love terrain I go often. Great place for inspiration. Great design team. Great staff. Great coffee. Great food. Ok ok great place!

  13. Lisa WIlson Grant says:

    I was over at the new Westport, CT store today and what a great place! We also have a landscaping company here in Fairfield County and could help anyone with their installations, (203) 854-4949 or lanscape design plans.

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