Crazy Days

July 2, 2011

What day is it? Saturday, Right….it’s been that kind of week, which I hope excuses and slightly explains my absence since Wednesday. I won’t go into all the details, but I want to at least share with you the loveliness of the lunch I had on Thursday. (I got to meet Michelle Obama!!!).

michelle obama June 30 2011

When you meet someone like the first lady you don’t get to take your own pictures of your meeting — (I only got to take these with my camera phone of her speech during lunch) — only the white house official camera guy gets to take a picture, but supposedly they will be sending me a copy (which I can’t wait to share!!).
I have to say, our first lady is stunning. Really, simply beautiful. I got all star struck when it was my turn to meet her and only managed to mumble when she complimented me about how nice it is to stand next to an equally tall woman (I’m 5’10 and I think she might have been taller than me). At least I was able to tell her how grateful I was at having a chance to meet her. My few words to her weren’t clever or memorable, but at least they were sincere.
The event was beautifully executed by Bryan Rafanelli who is my newest design hero. Not only were the table dressing gorgeous, but the whole event was a lovely, well organized, and beautiful machine. Take a look at those centerpiece florals!!  It was such a nice lunch and I loved seeing my beautiful friends all looking so pretty!

Hope you have a great holiday weekend! — see you monday.

brian rafanelli event florals

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  1. Yikes!! You mean I ate dinner with you last night and you never mentioned meeting the 1st Lady!! Where were you? What kind of lunch? Everything is beautiful.

  2. congratulations a great memory to have for years to come

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