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Kadai Fire Bowls

I have some clients whose discussions of fire bowls has reached epic-marital-trouble proportions.  It’s a long story of gift-absent personal holidays (mothers day, fathers day, birthdays, etc. etc….) that really boils down to being unable to find just the right thing when it comes to the perfect garden fire bowl.  Have you ever had something in mind and then just not been able to find it?– so, you go without for so long that it just starts to get annoying?

Well this is post is for them….may this be just the right thing….;)

kadai fire bowls traditional cooking vessel from india garden fire garden planter

Kadai Firebowls are unique cooking vessels from India that are used in festivals and large family gatherings.  Originals are often as old a 100 years but Wilstone (who imports them to the UK) also can provide recycled Kadai.   The Recycled Kadai are made from recycled oil drums and riveted together by the same cast of people in India who made the originals, with the same traditional methods.

No bowl is exactly like another and each comes complete with grills, a choice of high or low stand (9″ or 18″ tall), tongs and a wire brush.

charcoal maker kadai fire bowl india

And there is a fascinating accessory that you can purchase with your Kadai fire bowl,  the charcoal maker (above) transforms logs (placed inside) into charcoal.  The instructions direct  to fill with hardwood logs then put the whole unit inside a fully lit Kadai, cover with firewood and enjoy the Kadai firebowl for the evening. The following day, when cool, open the charcoal maker and see how the wood has magically turned into charcoal ready for use on your next barbeque.  I have to try that!!

Now to find a US importer…..

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  1. Kerry Harvey says:

    Those are really nice. So much nicer than the production line stuff you see everywhere.

  2. Studio 'g' says:

    and they are not crazy expensive (around 150 – 180 GBP ) — though once you convert $ and ship we are starting to get pricier….

  3. pam says:

    Beautiful. These reminded me of someone I bookmarked awhile back for “next year when I have some money” Promise I’m not affiliated in any way. http://www.thebernardcompany.com/firepits.html

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