Roa Murals

January 31, 2012


Did you see the fantastic mural at a NYC nursery by street artist Roa over at Leaflets yesterday?   I am absolutely in love with this art — so much so that I am re-considering a plan I am about to put in place.

ROA Kont ave williamsburg brooklyn

Have I mentioned that I am going to be commissioning a mural for the garden side of my barn?  I have a few ideas about what I might like as a backdrop for my garden and what I want to see when I look out my front door and take in the scene but I want to see what happens when I share my vision and then turn it over to another artistic mind.

ROA Brooklyn

My plan has been to (hopefully) find someone who is looking for a giant canvas through the magic of craigslist –  I think it would be wonderful to perhaps give an opportunity to a young artist – but now I am wondering if it might be a better idea to reach out to specific people whose work I like (though I just don’t know who they are)  – or maybe street artisits…. hmmmm.   What do you know about commisioning art? Working with muralists?  Finding street artists?

ROA squirrel

images from Unurth

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  1. These are fantastic. They remind me of the old time advertisements. As far as getting a muralist, sometimes it is easier to find someone already working as a muralist with a particular style that you like. You might pay a little more but they would be more in sync with what you want. But I’m sure a budding muralist would appreciate the exposure. I can’t wait to see what you have done.

  2. Margee Frey says:

    I love these murals. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Margee Frey says:

    I love these murals. We will be in New York in April and would love to visit this nursery. Could you tell us where it is located.

    Always enjoy your blogs. Thanks for sharing.

    • rochelle says:

      Margie — I am not entirely sure — but based on the naming convention of the image files, I do believe that it is in Brooklyn and it also has ‘Williamsburg’ in the title (perhaps the street name or perhaps the name of the nursery? — its going to need a little more detective work.

  4. Regina says:

    Beautiful, aren’t they? 3rd bird down is in the parking lot of my workplace (Actually, that’s my boss’s old car in front). I have heard a rumor that the building it’s on has been sold and may be replaced by some new construction. I must remember to go stare at it more frequently.

  5. Katrina says:

    These are amazing, what a great addition to add to a garden wall in a design, and even more fabulous for a childrens garden or nursery/school. I agree with Denise, best off sticking to someone who has done murals before to ensure it lasts, and you can also work with them to get the results you are after.

  6. Regina says:

    Yes, it’s Williamsburg. Not sure which nursery it is, but there aren’t too many, pretty easy to narrow down. 3rd one down is on Metropolitan Ave, between Union and Lorimer. The rest are within the same neighborhood, not sure exactly where.

  7. The murals are spectacular. Thank you for sharing these!
    I enjoy your blog post so much. There’s always something good!

  8. Margee Frey says:

    Thanks for the info on the location. We will definitely explore the neighborhoods!

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