Rose Parade Eve, Locally Grown Flowers & a Pretty Cake

January 1, 2012

The Rose Parade is on tomorrow morning.   In my pre-parade excitement (I DO love a parade) I read an interesting post on the LA times blog.  I didn’t know that the parade had originally started as way to show off to New Yorkers that in California (while the rest of country was buried in snow) flowers were blooming.  Original ‘floats’ (like this one) were horse drawn carriages decorated with the local flowers.

1890 rose parade horse drawn cart

But in the hype and growth that ensued, the flowers were quickly outsourced and eventually most of the materials started to be shipped in from internatioal sources.  President of the Tournament of Roses, Rick Jackson says that “It would have been decades ago,”  since a float was comprised of 100% California sourced materials.  But this year two floats are doing things a bit differently and going they back to original intent.

The “Timeless Fun for Everyone” float and the Cal Poly Tech float titled “Cal Poly to the Rescue” will both be comprised of locally sourced materials.  The ‘Timeless Fun for Everyone” float is sponsored by the California Clock Co. and  will feature a Kit-Cat wall clock (the iconic feline with swinging tail which they produce).

There, so even if you don’t love a parade, you can at least keep an eye out for and celebrate these floats.

rose parade float and rose parade cake

Read the whole post.

images from Eve out of the Garden,  Visual Photos and the Rose Parade Cake by Paula Deen.

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