Mud Season Garden Fashion

I’ve been thinking about my upcoming mud-season wear.  (For those of you in warmer climes, this the season before the real season, when everything is thawing, work is getting started, but we are all wading through mud from the winter snow melt and the spring rain).

Key to getting into the garden during this season is waterproof-ness, warmth (but not too much because you work up a sweat pretty fast), toughness and of course it’s gotta have that ‘yeah, I’m a girl, but I can drive a wheelbarrow, operate a mini-chainsaw (if I need to) and maintain an iota of sex appeal.’ sort of look.

mud season fashion for garden design women (and men)

Clockwise from the Top:

Helly Hansen has historically made some of my favorite snow-boarding gear…and this raincoat with it’s color blocking and dirt stopping cuffs catches my eye.

I am excited to see the evolution of  wooden helmets (that can be used for anything from work gear to a whole variety of sports).   Be gone plastics!

Cuter than average ear gear.  Beats borrowing the sweaty gross pair that came with my hubs chainsaw any day.

I can’t decide which I like more – The Field House Trusty Workshop Apron from Blackbird, or the Ben Davis Teamsters Apron from Hand Eye Supply.  Which do you prefer?

I love this Hycreek Work Shirt.   I need one (or a few).

Gap Jeans.  Long and Lean. Even though they can wick ground moisture up the leg, they are always the perfect work jean for me. Not expensive and fit perfectly

I have a trusty pair of Hunter boots that still serve me well, but there is something nice about a bright new pair (from Native Shoes) to kick off a season.  And I think that since there isn’t likely to be a whole lot of mud this mud season, these lower cut versions will do the trick.

carhartt mens vest

While I am on the topic — I just want to make a point —  in case any product/fashion designers happen to be reading this…. I would absolutely  have included this Carhartt vest in my roundup — because it is perfect in every-way — IF I were a man.  But when I wear this it will be all messed up in proportions and I will look all box-y and like I am wearing my husbands clothes.  I am all in favor of the new-ish trend for work wear companies to develop lines of clothes for women, but can we agree to refrain from doing them in stupid pink and lavender?  I am a grown woman who doesn’t feel the need to pretend like my tastes run along the lines of a 6 year old girl just to have work clothes that fit.  Seriously, girls who are looking for work gear are generally not the girls who regularly wear candy pink. Regular normal colors (like this striking blue) will do just fine.  So if you are a man — this Carhartt vest is hot in the hip-construction-worker sort of way… if you are a designer of women’s work clothes, please take note…if you are woman – don’t bother.

And in perusing, I found some other great items that will come in handy this spring….

mud season garden gear

Toast sold these Tarpaulin (recycled army canvas) ‘picnic’ mats last season.  That’s a nice use for them….but I would also go for a replacement of my cheapo (plastic) tarps.  I love the earthiness of good tent canvas, plus the pale cream color is so much nicer than garish electric blue and typical hunter green.  I suspect they would be less likely to tear too.  I’m on a hunt to find an economical place to buy recycled army tent canvas.

Notebooks go with me everywhere — but pens are always getting lost….which is why I am drawn to the obvious solution — a spiral notebook with an elastic band for holding it all together.  Duh — why didn’t I think of that?

And lastly — how many water bottles to you have?  I have too many to count (please suppliers stop giving me those crappy plastic messes) — I would much prefer my water to taste good and not be full of whatever is leaching from those things….How about these glass and silicon varieties from BKR that even come with a replacement guarantee should you break it!

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  1. louise says:

    re: glass water bottles
    may i promote a glass bottle-
    BottlesUp are environmentally responsible, look good, taste good (the water from them, that is) are made from 75% recycled post consumer glass, use food grade silicone for caps AND donates 1% for the Planet, 5% for Breast Cancer Research Foundation (no PVC or BPAs in bottlesUp). Designed by an architectural glass designer from South Carolina.
    thanks Rochelle.

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