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Ennis House by Frank Lloyd Wright – Would You Buy It?

Ennis house pool

I’m taking all sorts of inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wrights ‘Ennis House’ that resides in the Santa Monica mountains but I am not sure I could live with the place.

“You see,” writes Frank Lloyd Wright in his 1924 letter to the Ennises, “the final result is going to stand on that hill a hundred years or more. Long after we are all gone, it will be pointed out as the Ennis House and pilgrimages will be made to it by lovers of the beautiful from everywhere.”

ennis house santa monica

Right, and it still stands (after 6.5 million concrete restoration project) — but I kind of feel like it has a face only a mother can love.  What you love about it?  I am fond of the extreme use of anything to gain a unique design point (in this case concrete).  I also love the decorative manipulation of the material.  And the way it sits on the land is completely enviable.  But to live there, I think I might feel like I was living in a tomb….and that it might crush me. What do you say? Love it, hate it, or take it for what it is?

If you think you might be able to be it’s mother…it is on the market…at an easy $15 mil….and with the knowledge that it needs another $10 mil in renovations.

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  1. Back in 1989, my wife and I had our wedding rehearsal dinner there. I had also done a minor grounds renovation plan for Gus Brown and had an opportunity to have a personal tour. I see it as a movie interior now and then and it is often rented out for parties and such.

    Its a beautiful home, quite imposing and rectilinear, with stunning views, a tight motor court and problematic slope. It is a one of a kind house, that’s for sure. even for this area, known for it’s eccentric and eclectic homes. The ceilings are low, which is characteristic of many of Wright’s houses. The rooms are quite small and it’s a bit of a maze. I think the structural issues and the landmark designation would inhibit all but the most diligent potential homeowner for taking on the task of ownership.

    That said, I do hope some Wright-thinking individual does purchase it and give it the loving care it deserves….

    Alan B

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