Printer’s Drawers & Seed Storage

June 12, 2012

Remember when this was kind of a thing?

printer drawers for seed storage by rochelle greayer

My aunt had one with a collection of little things that thoroughly excited me as a little kid.  But as a clutter-hating adult, I now look at it as more of a torture device.

But this kind of purpose makes me quite happy…

printer drawer seed storage by rochelle greayer

…even though I haven’t quite worked out how to store it (without buying an entire printer’s drawer set) and without the high chance of catastrophic spills.

But if I were a seed seller this is what I would do….because the idea of the whole thing is compeltely pleasing, Don’t you agree?


images from creating really awesome free things and garden and wood

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  1. Yes! Lovely but I think that looking at all those seeds would make me absolutely frantic to plant something, anything.

  2. Brian says:

    I remember my grandparents had a similar drawer (maybe shadow boxes) of seeds. It was quite common for all of the older generation to have these on display. The drawer had a groove in the upper lip so that a piece of glass slid over the seeds and held them in place. That is until the squirrels and birds learned to open them.

    Thanks for sharing. I have not thought of that in years.

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