Garden Destinations: Yew Dell Garden, KY

September 17, 2012

Yew Dell gardens Louisville KY on
I’m finding plenty of inspiration at Yew Dell Gardens in Louisville, KY — and I haven’t even been there.  There is a Tobacco barn which has me off on a design tangent (did you know that all tobacco barns have three things? – gabled roofs, frame construction, and some system of ventilation -and from those basic tenants, designs can get pretty interesting).

Yew Dell has converted a Tobacco barn into a visitor center that is notably modern despite its historical roots.
Yew Dell gardens Louisville KY on

The site has other interesting architecture (both new and old) and it a place that the Garden Conservancy helped to establish as a public resource after a long history as a private estate garden and nursery.

I am jealous of their Muhlenbergia capillaris (Pink Muhly grass — I so crave a whirl of pink frothiness! — but I think I am just a zone too cold).

Have you visited this garden?  What inspired you in this place?

images (top) by  for, Allen Bush for Daily Yonder, Todd Pellow (a beautifully talented wedding phtographer in the Louisville area), (bottom) TripadvisorinhabitatTodd Pellow, Hello Louisville and Artist at exit O riverblog.


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  1. Amanda D says:

    If you are ever in that area, seeing the Yew Dell Gardens in person is a real treat. And the tobacco barn that has been revamped is amazing!!

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