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Garden Gallery: Naomi’s Punk Garden

What were you like ‘back in the day’?  Goth, Valley, Stoner, Jock?  Something else?  Me? I was some weird Denver thing that involved high hair, shoulder pads and Wranglers.   I have no idea what you might have called it — but it definitely wasn’t punk.

Now, if I were to indulge in a theme persona today I would most certainly be Punk.  Rebellion, individualism, free thought and a splash of anti-authoritarianism — yep, that is me now (at least ideologically) — minus the discontent and the fact that I am not sure I can pull off the outfits with out a big smirky smile that would ruin the whole look.

According to Naomi Slade, “Punk is more than music, spiky hair and statement aggression”  rather, “Punk is an entire art form encompassing fashion, art and poetry”.  So with a desire to do something different (and perhaps, I wonder, to re-live some youthful style?), Naomi created ‘Never Mind the Hollyhock’s’ – A punk inspired garden that is ” anarchic yet attractive and habitable”.

[nggallery id=22]

From Naomi:

“There are reminders of punk icons such as Vivienne Westwood, The Sex Pistols and poet John Cooper Clarke. A backdrop of battered corrugated sheet, splashed with paint and daubed with graffiti exhibits the degradation and grunge that typifies the punk style while denim, tartan, union flags and PVC reference fashion. Many of the containers are found and utilitarian objects, including old-fashioned metal dustbins – picking up a frequent punk reference, as in the poem ‘Beasley Street’ by John Cooper Clarke.

The plants are chosen for their assertive style and visual attitude, picking up signature characteristics of punk – sombre colours, splashes of white bleach, spikes and dashes of brilliant reds and pinks. It is foliage-rich. Gunnera, phormiums, and amaranth are beautiful and striking, yet there is a subtle anarchy and occasional humour; some of the vegetables are running to seed while rips in the Gunnera leaves echo those in punky denim fabric.”

I love this garden (which took a Gold medal, woo hoo!), and what I love even more is that Naomi has also written an article for the upcoming issue of Leaf Magazine  (it will be out this week!) that couldn’t be more stylistically different….proof not only of her range, but that (I think) the most interesting style is the one that blends perfectly for you.

images from naomi slade.

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  1. Jeane says:

    Wow! I love the shade of colors you choose. I am very glad that you shared the photos. They are really cool! Check my post at

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