Tin’s Utilitarian Franchise Succulent Garden in the Noe Valley

May 11, 2024

You guys know Megan and Matti (from Far Out Flora) right? You have got to see where their passion for succulent gardens landed them…

A vibrant succulent garden featuring a variety of succulents arranged in both ground-level pots and wall-mounted wooden frames against a dark fence.
The succulent fence.

I shared this yesterday (but with different images) on my Gardenist column at Apartment Therapy….but I love it so much I am going re-share this sweet story here too.  

A serene backyard garden viewed through a natural frame of plant leaves, showcasing lush greenery, potted plants, and a succulent garden on a wooden fence.
A long view through the garden to the huge framed succulent masterpiece.

It all started with a shopping trip for local handmade treasures.   On their adventure, they came across the fantastic canvas pillows created by Tin of Utilitarian Franchise (BTW — these would be excellent on a patio chair and I am going to share my favs in another post later today!)

A vibrant teal garden shed adorned with various wall-mounted succulents and plants. The shed features a rustic wooden door partially open, revealing darkness inside, surrounded by lush green foliage.
Stags (and staghorn ferns), succulents, and Norfolk Island Pine.
Two green Adirondack chairs with red and blue decorative pillows face each other, flanking a small wooden table with plants, in a succulent garden.
Pillow from Utilitarian Franchise.

One thing led to another …. as it always seems to among gardeners … and the next thing you know Megan and Matti found themselves not just buying pillows, but making a visit to Tin’s wonderful garden.

If you spend 5 seconds at Far Out Flora, and then you look at Tin’s garden, you can see how these three gardeners found an instant kinship. I love little stories of how people connect over plants, pillows, or whatever personal interests.

Two terracotta pots filled with a succulent garden, including aloe, echeveria, and sedum, displaying a mix of green, purple, and blue hues.
A sweet succulent container garden.
A succulent garden with various plants including bromeliads and large leafy greens. A rustic wooden sign reading 'Rancho' is visible in the background above a teal wooden structure.
San Francisco in Succulents – But not quite….

Tin’s Garden is a joyful personal expression painted in succulents, bromeliads, and epiphytes that has creatively evolved over time (that is not a spelling error btw, as he just hasn’t yet found and collected the ‘F’ to fully and correctly spell San Francisco!). I am in love!

An outdoor succulent garden featuring a variety of succulents and exotic plants in wooden wall-mounted planters and clay pots, creating a lush, green space against a dark wooden fence.
Recycled silk screens create frames for succulent wall planters that create an epic vertical garden along the fence.
A succulent garden composed of various succulents, including echeverias and sedums, arranged in a lush, dense pattern in a wooden frame hanging against a dark wooden wall.
Three pots with various succulent garden plants on a wooden table in a garden with yellow chairs in the background.
A vibrant succulent garden scene featuring an artistic arrangement of succulent plants growing on an old, gnarled tree trunk, with residential buildings in the background.
A driftwood sculpture towers over the garden and is planted with succulents and bormeliads.

You can read more about this garden, and Megan and Matti’s visit at Far Out Flora.  Also check out their full flickr stream of the garden here.

images from Far Out Flora

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  1. Megan says:

    Hurray for Tin’s garden!!!! Thanks for the double garden shout out 🙂

  2. Jolly says:

    Haha, I do sort of savor the irony of a place with Utilitarian in the name having a garden that is purely decorative :]

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