New Studio ‘g’

September 5, 2012

I’m so happy and relieved to share the new Studio ‘g’ site spruce up!  I’ve been wanting to do this for ages, but since it was a labor done completely by me and my husband it took a while.  I am so grateful for Mr. g’s  help – I really couldn’t have done it without him.  You might notice that there are a few things that still remain to be done – like a bunch of pages that need to be built or completed, but what is here should be working and I will roll out the new bits as they are completed.

Echinocactus platyacanthus giant cactus

Can I ask you two favors though?   If you notice a problem with anything – spelling, broken links, general weirdness, whatever – can you let me know?    And also,  can you give me your honest opinion about something?   (I’m having a little trouble being objective) — I received a comment shortly after this went live late last night that pointed out that the right hand side of the header looks phallic (to put it more nicely than it was said).   This wasn’t my intent — Its a hedge and a shrub (obviously).  But now that this has been pointed out, it is all I can see or think about and I have all but resolved myself to changing it.   Not that I feel particularly prudeish about it, but it is meant to be relaxing and now I find it and the notion of its resemblance irritating.   Is this just one person’s opinion? Or is it really obnoxious? Should I roll with it and try to have a better sense of humor about it? or should I just draw a different hedge?  What do you think?

Linda Estrin posted this Echinocactus platyacanthus picture on her facebook this morning…I thought I would share it  since we are discussing plants with a certain resemblance.

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  1. Sprout says:

    Since you asked for feedback – the tan background loaded kinda slow, and blocky. I think your Leaf e-mag should open in a new window, so folks will still have your blog up and not leave it. Yeah, it doesn’t look that much like a shrub to me, more like a tumbleweed and a tall rock. I like your resources page! And I like the color scheme – I think your garden posts will pop against it. 🙂

  2. rochelle says:

    Thanks Sprout — was wondering about the background loading time — I have re-loaded so many times that the cache took over and it is quite quick for me. Will see what I can do to speed that up — and Leaf is meant to open in another window — will fix that right away!

  3. I really like the drawings at the top (“phallic” did not come to my mind) and along the side. I do feel like the header needs something more — maybe the drawings should be a little bigger, or the ‘g’ should be hand drawn, or the area needs its own background color? I can’t quite put my finger on it. But overall, I like the design a lot. It looks much more like the “you” that comes across in your posts.

    Your disclaimer/fair use widget and page are very clear and useful.

    • rochelle says:

      thanks Cindy — the spacing at the top might look a little off right now — but there is a space there for advertising (to come) — hoping it looks better when that is up and running.

  4. Donna says:

    I would not have thought it phallic either, but now that it’s been said you’ll have to change it or it will drive you crazy.

  5. Heidi says:

    Hi Rochelle- I probably wouldn’t have seen the shrubs as phallic, but of course now I do, so if I were you I would change it 🙂 The only other thing that I would contribute is that the spacing of the navigation bar page titles seem a little off…Can the About, Press, and Advertsing move over to the right so that About is not right over your ‘g’? Not sure if that is possible. Otherwise, I think the site looks great!

    • rochelle says:

      thanks Heidi — wondering what you are using for a browser? — on my screen they are spaced correctly and I pained over this — so I think it would be helpful to know what you are running so I can recreate (and pain over it somemore – cause I agree w/ you — the spacing is important!)

  6. Heidi says:

    Using Internet Explorer 9- sorry to cause you more pain! But I understand because I get weird over little things like this too!

  7. Tiff says:

    Change the bush if it’s always going to make you wonder. If you really love it, though, keep it! Geez, people, get your mind out of the gutter. (Speaking to the initial commenter.)

  8. I like the look, at it did not take any longer for it to load for me. The overall feel is that of “Americana” (not sure if you were going for that), but that may be because of the combo of the black and white cactus photo and the sand background. The navigation in the header needs to stand out a little more, and yes, I do see “it”. Maybe change the upright shrub to a large grass(?). Over all, very nice!

  9. Jolly says:

    Yeeeah, that definitely looks like a penis. I’m not sure exactly what your demographic is, maybe most people wouldn’t think twice, but that is definitely what I think when I look at it. I agree with Scott above, a little patch of pampas grass or something of that nature would definitely fix it.

  10. Heidi S. says:

    I agree with Scott about some tall grass in lieu of the tall shrub on the right. I probably wouldn’t have noticed but now that it has been pointed out that is all I see. I would also suggest removing a little bit of the top of the header because it feels kind of blank up there. I am also wondering if e-mag should read as Leaf mag instead or maybe it should be a colorful ad on the right side instead (or in addition to).

  11. zelda z says:

    I looks like the look of the header and the cactus looks like a cactus to me. Perhaps the “blog e-mag resources etc could be a bit bolder to be seen more clearly. Over all, I would say your hard work paid off on a very nice looking blog for Studio G.

  12. zana says:


    Definitely agree that the bush in question is a little phallic. Also, as you have invited comment, the inverted comma before the ‘g’ is the wrong way round.

    Love your blog, thank you

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