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September 25, 2012

I spent a couple hours last night putting together the outdoor fabrics supplier list on the resources page. I hope you find it useful whenever you want to find some fabric to go in your outdoor rooms. (If you see a supplier that I have missed, do let me know so I can add it!)

outdoor fabric scheme

Relatedly — the other day I rolled out of bed and, because it is getting chilly, slipped on the closest sweatshirt I could find. It happened to be one that I bought at Lucky Brand Jeans a couple years ago.   It’s camouflage. (you can see it here, and just so you don’t think I’ve gone off the fashion rails — check out this…she looks great; camo is cool.)
Anyway, back to me putting the sweatshirt on…I was in my pajamas (as I said, I had just crawled out of bed) which happened to be a t-shirt and a pair of knit shorts that are creamy white and have a dainty little black flowers on them.  No picture (sorry) – so you will just have to imagine….but they are very old-school Laura Ashley.  As I stumbled to the coffee pot, I passed a mirror and in my early morning grogginess I was struck with inspiration.  I kinda loved the contrast of the camo with the dainty flowers and I’ve been thinking about it since.

So as I was perusing all the fabric websites last night, I was keeping an eye out for fabrics that could make my vision of a rough but sweet garden lounging bench a reality. I’m thinking a big wide bench with a lounging cushion and lots of pillows under a pergola.   This is what I came up with -I think its fresh, but also earthy and gritty, just like I like my gardens – do you like it?  or should I go have another cup of coffee?

fabric sources clockwise from top left. Les indiennes,JandO Fabrics ,Les indiennes, Pierre Frey, Sina Pearson, and (trim) Link



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  1. Picking out the right outdoor fabric is very important to withstand the changing weather. Thanks for putting this list together, very useful.

  2. Lilia Rhodes says:

    Well, I like your idea. I’m thinking of you using vibrant colors since these colors can lighten up a person’s mood. They are also refreshing to look at.

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