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Hey There! I’m Rochelle Greayer. I’m a garden designer on TV and IRL. I’m also an author and entrepreneur who thinks she can save the world by teaching everyone a little something about landscape design.






Arithmetic, Population, & Energy

Al Bartlett University of Colordao Physics professor  by Daily Camera

A friend posted this on my facebook wall this morning and it hi-jacked me for the last hour.  I wasn’t really planning to watch something like this at 4:45 in the morning on Chistmas Eve Eve/Winter Solstice morning but in my state of last minute holiday planning and bustle, and at a time when I always wish I had a little more brain power left for introspection and thoughtful consideration, this has helped me to look past the hype of the next few days and start to move into a time of year I always cherish.
That time of year is the deep winter darkness (I have a dear friend who has recently been referring to it as the ‘fertile darkness’ – a phrase I love that refers to planting the seeds that will grow as the light returns) where I can think, re-organize, evaluate, and be a little quieter.
If you have an extra hour, or can find some minutes here and there that will eventually add up to an hour, I would encourage you to watch this video series. And if you take the time to do so, drop a comment here, I would love to chat about it with you.

Colorado University Physics Professor Dr. Albert A. Bartlett’s lecture on “Arithmetic, Population, and Energy.”

image by Daily Camera

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  1. Emily says:

    I am so glad that you have found this video, watched it and re-posted it. It is important for all of us to be aware and share the knowledge. Hope you and the fam are well.

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