Astoundingly Beautiful Garden Design Destination – Monastero Santa Rosa On Italy’s Amalfi Coast

January 7, 2013

I have a confession — I think I am getting on my husband’s nerves….but I can’t stop.

monastero santa rosa amalfi coastIt’s January, cold (bitter) and I’m up for a get-out-of -town sort of adventure.

So, all weekend I found myself suggesting we could go there…

We were talking about my daughter trying out for the play ‘Footloose’ (which takes place in the Midwest) —

Me: “Hey we could go to Chicago”….

Then my daughter is reading Guinness Book of World Records – out loud -…(blah, blah, the largest coral reef is in Belize…blah, blah)

Me: “Hey, we could go there, or maybe just Central America in general”

Then, while researching for my book project, I discovered a small apartment (perfect for 4) in Istanbul with a pretty garden will only run us $410/ per week….

We could sooo go there….

I’ve got wanderlust on the mind, hardcore.

(Again with the book research) Suddenly up popped Monastero Santa Rosa on the Amalfi Coast, and it’s cliff side gardens.

Yep, we could go there (but I am not saying it … because I’m officially annoying).

You gotta check it out…(click through and then onto garden gallery) — to virtually whisk yourself away.

image via Fancy

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  1. Howard says:

    Ummm … not really a gardening comment/question, but could you give me the website for the Istanbul apartment?

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