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Hey There! I’m Rochelle Greayer. I’m a garden designer on TV and IRL. I’m also an author and entrepreneur who thinks she can save the world by teaching everyone a little something about landscape design.



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Spring Home & Garden Essentials – Wabi Sabi Style

In just a bit I am going to pack up my computer and head to the airport and make my way back to Boston.  I’m dreading the flight, but looking forward to getting home (particularly after a crazy week of psuedo-vacation and mind-blowing events).

Spring home and garden essentials - wabi sabi style from

I always return from trips with a renewed sense of wanting to make my home more comfortable, simple and refined and this trip is no different.   Except, perhaps, that my tastes are increasingly heading toward the wabi-sabi.   (That is appreciation of the simple, time-worn, and elemental beauty and I want nothing more than to pare down and flush out the all the rest).   I’m ready to roll up my sleeves.

Spring home and garden essentials - wabi sabi style from

I am already regretting the bright green tub trugs I bought earlier this year….I would rather have these black ones….but I know my dog will chew them soon enough and I will have to replace them.  Besides — the hardware store didn’t have black and I was in one of those desperately-needing-new-tub-trugs sort of moments.   But the rest of this collection of products gets me in the mind-set of spring, cleaning, renewal and simplicity.  I can’t wait.

Spring home and garden essentials - wabi sabi style from

The apple trees that I planted a of couple years ago actually gave us a six-pack of fruit last fall.  The apple picker might still be premature (by a at least a couple of years), but what gardener can resist being this optimistic?

Spring home and garden essentials - wabi sabi style from

My winter sun room and overwintering spot is ready for its annual spring clean out….everything goes outside…gets repotted, and refreshed.    I’m also planning the room’s transition into a more permanent garden inspired photo studio (more to come on that).

Spring home and garden essentials - wabi sabi style from

Tools are getting sharpened and put to use and my first seeds made it into the ground just hours before the last plane ride.  It has only been a week – – but I hope to maybe come home to some tiny seedlings?  – Rochelle

Images: Tub Trugs from The New General Store,  Apron from Fog Linen, Apple picker and Vintage Planter and Stand from Williams Sonoma, Scissors from The New General Store, and Hanging ceramic pot from Alder and Co

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