Twool Wool Garden Twine

May 19, 2013

A vote for Twool’s new line of garden twine may not be a vote for a product you are going to see on your local nursery shelves (unless you live in the UK) – but that is kind of the point.  Twool twine is local to England is made of wool from sheep in Dartmoor.  It is the gardening twine local alternative to imported jute or plastic options.

twool local sustainable wool twine from england via www.pithandvigor.comUsing the wool from Whiteface Dartmoor Heritage Rare Breed sheep, the twine is helping to save the breed as well as employing the services of nine different local industries.  It is a product that shows how locally made and locally manufactured products can help maintain local culture, jobs and lifestyle.  (And not to be too biased….but that is something that certainly grabs my attention).

There are 13 products on the short list for ‘best new product’ and they are all interesting.  Since I have this tendency to disagree with RHS judges (and don’t know yet which will win), I will be sharing all the the nominees for best new garden product all week and at the end of the week will post a survey on Facebook so that we can choose our own favorite.

Check out the other contestants:

Straysparks Hand Forged Decorative Trellis

More to come…

image Twool


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  1. Trees Planet says:

    So wonderful post. Great thinking about sheep. Thank you.

  2. amy says:

    I like this! I’m here in the UK visiting gardens before I go to the Chelsea Flower Show (today and tomorrow I’ll be there – can’t get enough of a good thing). I will pick up some Twool and put it to work in my USA garden…if I have room in my suitcase I’ll bring some home for gardening friends.

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