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Garden Gallery: The Driveway Garden

Are you looking around your garden wondering where you might be able to make a little extra space for a veggie patch?  Perhaps you might take a little inspiration from Nancy Steiner who transformed her driveway into a garden that feeds her family.
driveway garden via

When Nancy and landscape designer Leslie Needham realized that this was the place that got 8 hours of sun a day and it was easily accessible for picking as the family arrived home at the end of the day and headed into the house, — the decision to transform the driveway into a garden was obvious.

driveway garden via

Using a variety of space saving options (like growing cucumbers up on tuteurs and putting every spare inch to work) they were able to create a garden that feeds her whole family – 2 adults and 5 teenagers!
driveway garden via

driveway garden via

I so wish I could share the before of this….but I think we can all imagine a car parked here an agree that this is much much better.

martha stewart garden featureThis story appears in this month’s issue of Martha Stewart Magazine where you can find more ideas and information about some of the products that can help you create this same look.

Photos by Juliana Sohn. Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living. Copyright © 2013. For more gardening ideas, visit


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  1. cindy says:

    wonderful ideas and pictures but every time i see a vegetable patch, i think of the deer who constantly have a dinner”buffet” and it is so frustrating after i put in so much effort. does anyone have the same problem out there?????? yesterday they ate my succulents……..what about a posting on fencing in our gardens with style???? we can grow the veggies but they need a fortress around them… your blog. thank you for inspiring us……

  2. Rebekah says:

    I’m obsessed with raised beds surrounded by gravel. Something about how neat it looks against the bushy plants.

  3. Lisa Porter says:

    A brilliant idea! My compliments also to the stone mason. I adore dry lay walls in gardens. They give a garden strength.
    Have really enjoyed reading Studio Blog!

  4. Driveway Contractors says:

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  5. Snow Plow MN says:

    Pretty! This was an extremely wonderful article.
    Many thanks for supplying these details.

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