Before & After: A Gorgeous Chicagoland Makeover

July 26, 2013

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When I saw the photo of this barren, construction ridden side yard, I knew the remodel was going to be fantastic. It seemed to be the perfect length for a new path, brought to life by ornamental trees and a leafy perennials. I clicked the photo and was linked to the website of a landscape company out of Homer Glen, IL called A Touch of Green. I was thrilled to see that the project turned out to be exactly what I had hoped it would.

after, shady, path, hydrangea, arbor, homer glen, landscape, a touch of green


Transformed by a winding path and a variety of trees and perennials, this new sideyard is the perfect tunnel to a backyard oasis. I really like that they chose to go with a curved path to offset all the straight lines on the house, and the beautiful wooden arbor really seems to pull it all together. This is the kind of yard I would love to have on the most used side of my own house, but unfortunately I have to be able to get a trailer through the area so I am left with a wide, arbor-free patch of  what I guess I will call grass. But, after seeing a sideyard this lovely, I might just have to go to the other side of the house and try for something similar, even if it’s hardly ever walked through. –erin

If you have a great before and after project you’d like to share with the Studio ‘g’ community, send us some photos and tell us about it!

Images by: A Touch of Green


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  1. Debbie Feely says:

    Add a bench or small table and chair and it turns into a retreat, so it wouldn’t matter about people walking through.

    I really like the colors in this landscape.

  2. greenhouseme says:

    Now that is a person with a vision. Looks awesome and it also shows how some people take care of what they have and some don’t.

  3. LuAnn Braley says:

    Very inspirational! My family recently moved into a property that needs a LOT of work. This is going to be fun!

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