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Clematis ‘Avant Garde’

My goodness, I just fell hard for a plant.  Her name is Clematis ‘Avant Garde’.  She has me thinking about designing an ultra girly pink garden — and I don’t really even have a thing for pink.

clematis avant garde via

Those blooms would just be so fantastic up the side of our barn, or perhaps over the soon-to-be pergola…. I am curious, have you grown this lovely lady? I read that she is not only gorgeous but also on the tall side.  I am not sure what that means in clematis-land — is it that she grows even more in a single season? Cause all my clematis are pretty much huge and to say that one is taller than another seems a bit hard to measure.  What do you know?

Here is where I am shopping for this (but I need to figure out where to plant it!) :

I also saw them at :

image from Burfords

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  1. Wow, elle est juste magnifique.

  2. amy says:

    Since there are all ranges of heights of clematis, tall means tall, although HOW tall remains to be seen with your Avant Garde! She is a beauty, so when you learn how tall she is, please let me know.

  3. amy says:

    Here’s a funny coincidence – I read your post about Clematis Avant Garde yesterday,and commented. Today, I was working in my garden. I had to plant a number of plants – one plant was a gift from a friend and lo and behold this plant is Clematis Avant Garde! The tag is still with the plant, and it says Avant Garde will grow to 10 feet. SO! you have your answer to your question of how tall is tall in the clematis world, and I, lucky me, have a Clematis Avant Garde.

  4. rochelle says:

    Amy — you lucky girl! You will have to send pics of this beauty when it is in your garden!

  5. Lorna says:

    It is a lovely and may end up being my favorite in my garden. This the second year and it scrambles at least eight feet over a trellis. I cut it back either too early or too hard this spring and it’s not as lush this summer. Lesson learned.

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