Uncommon Floristry Materials – Clematis, Raspberries & Green Tomatoes

There are a couple of stories in the current issue of Martha Stewart Weddings that caught my eye.  One story was about Poppies and Posies (a NYC flower shop) and their fruit filled flower arrangements and the other focussed on using mixed foliage in arrangements.  
uncommon florals by martha stewart via

Both stories left me with a new and refreshed list of possible pickings for summer arrangements.  Clematis, for example has never made my list of cutting flowers – I am always too busy running around looking for something with nice sturdy stalks — but this is beautiful and I am imagining dainty white flowers draped through my chandelier later this summer. 
uncommon florals by martha stewart via

Similarly  I had not considered raspberries either — but now I am not only thinking of those clusters but also of blueberries which should be ripening any day now.

uncommon florals by martha stewart via

This sweet arrangement features barely-blushing tomatoes.  I’ve seen apples used in this way before…so I have no idea why I hadn’t previously considered tomatoes…but now I am also thinking of the great oranges that habanero peppers turn.  I certainly can’t stand to eat all that one plant produces…so this would be a lovely way to show them off. uncommon florals by martha stewart via

And if you can’t wait for the tomatoes to turn….green seems pretty nice too.
uncommon florals by martha stewart via


I know that those are green seed pods on the left of this arrangement….but they could pass for prickly pear pads in a heartbeat.  I used to see prickly pear pads in the market all the time back in Colorado…occasionally they show up here…next time I see them I will have to try a little produce aisle floristry and give them a try. uncommon florals by martha stewart via

What kids of off beat materials have you been gathering for displays?  Anything interesting?  Do share. 

Photos by Sylvie Becquet and Bryan Gardner. Courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings. Copyright ©2013. For more ideas, check out


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