Friday 5: Owls in the Garden

August 9, 2013

I love owls and spotting one in the garden or while hiking outside is one of those events that happens rarely enough that extreme excitement ensues every time.  I think I remember every single spotting in my life — including the first time — which BTW was when I was probably about 4 and we were driving through the University of Southern Colorado’s campus (where my dad was a student) and there in the middle of what seems like a desert…on a small tree in the middle of a hot day were 3 small owls…a momma and a couple babies…all less that 9 inches tall sitting on a low branch just watching life go by.  They could have been statues – but they weren’t.  Awesome.


owl inspired garden accessories and fabric from www.pithandvigor.comDo you get excited over owls?  Interestingly, across worldwide cultures and traditions they are associated with one of two things.  Wisdom and/or omens of death or evil.  I find it fascinating that ancient cultures who arguably had no influence on each other would have similar associates. Pondering this only increases my owl fascination.

Owl inspired products don’t quite make up for the real thing (not even close) but they are still fun to consider.

  1. Norris the Owl Garden Table
  2. River Rock Boulder Owls
  3. Owl Faucet
  4. Owl balancer stake (what do you think of this….I can’t decide if I love it hate it…)
  5. Hand Screen Printed Fabric (in Orange and other colors by by Melissa Bombardiere)  – On Sale!

Happy Weekend!

P.S.  I am heading into the laptop-free woods of Maine for a few days of nature-loving.  I will be back next Thursday but in the mean time Rodney will be here on Tuesday and I will likely be posting the occasional picture on instagram if you want to follow along. – Rochelle


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  1. JC says:

    I felt the same way about the Owl Balance stake when I received it as a gift, however my vegetable garden seems to like it now.

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